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DB's Story

More than Great Food

I was always involved with my father when he would rotisserie chicken from somewhere
around the age of 10-12 years old. It always peaked my curiosity of how we controlled the fire
to achieve the correct doneness of the protein, in that case it was chicken.

After spending around 18 years in Texas, BBQ and Grilling about every weekend I returned to
PA with the fire inside. DB's Smokin' BBQ is comprised of award-winning meals with flavors and techniques developed over decades.

DB's Smokin' BBQ restaurant dubois pa lucinda the shack the depot

DB is a certified

KC BBQ Judge

DB's Smokin' BBQ restaurant dubois pa lucinda the shack the depot

DB's Smokin' BBQ is premium because of the time and care I put into this craft. I pair great sides and create my own sauces. I also customize my smoker and keep it clean.

I never baste meat with other meat, in other words, Pork will never drip on my brisket chicken,
ribs or any other meat for that matter.

I have trained my staff on cooking my meat with care, I almost always drop in and quality
control the products and Proteins.

A lifelong commitment to quality

Awards History

Named among the Best of the Best BBQ locations in the nation 9 out of 10 years with my first year not entered.

I have cooked on Myron Mixon’s team and Placed in the Florida BBQ Brawl

I was paired with Kent Black from Texas and took first place in the BBQ brawl.


"The Shack" Opens

DB Smokin' BBQ - The Shack opened July 17, 2013.

29645 Route 66, Lucinda, PA


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